I'm Taking An Educated Risk - Part I

I’m Taking An Educated Risk – Part I

November 1, 2014

Yep, that’s right, I’m taking an educated risk with my current health & wellbeing and have made the decision to go completely holistic with all hormone treatment, depression & anxiety. I no longer want to treat my body like a toxic waste dump especially after what I’ve already been through these past couple of years. What … {read more}

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary

October 31, 2014

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life, my husband! I fell smack head over heels in love with this guy in just two weeks after we started ‘officially’ dating. All up, we’ve been together for 18 years. I have to give credit where credit’s due. If it wasn’t for this guy I … {read more}

I'm Not Going Anywhere, Doctors Orders

I’m Not Going Anywhere, Doctors Orders

October 27, 2014

You’ve probably already figured it out that I haven’t gone offline into my self-care hibernation that I blogged about last week. That’s because I’m not going anywhere, doctors orders. Psychiatrist orders in fact. Who’d thought. I most certainly didn’t. My Psychiatrist thinks withdrawing from my social media will only further encourage my all or nothing continuum … {read more}

Back At Northey Street Organic Markets

Back At Northey Street Organic Markets

October 26, 2014

This morning hubby & I were up bright and early to go to Northey Street Organic Markets for our weekly shopping. It’s the first time we’ve gone back since returning from the Invictus Games in London. We kind of let our holiday mode roll into our work mode and well, you all know how that story … {read more}

Smiink Lashes for Post-Chemotherapy

Smiink Lashes

October 24, 2014

Yesterday I bought some Smiink Hollywood Nights Lashes online, they’re my absolute favourites. After seeing them on my beautician years ago I just had to have them. I’ve gotten at least a good half a dozen wears out of them each time cleaning them properly for hygiene purposes. They’re that good quality they last. Just goes … {read more}

It's Time For Some Self-Care Hibernation

It’s Time For Some Self-Care Hibernation

October 20, 2014

I’ve tried relentlessly since my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments to deal and manage with things as best I could and with professional help, but unfortunately we just haven’t found the right solution for me. My most recent mental health break down set all the alarm bells off in my head in a grand capacity. I can’t quite put … {read more}

My Love Hate Relationship with Social Media

My Love Hate Relationship with Social Media

October 12, 2014

My love hate relationship with social media has been going on for a number of years now. In fact, since 2008 when my entire life changed for the worst. Being a typical Cancerian, when life troubles me I retreat back into my shell and hide from the outside world. So that also includes all things social media. But … {read more}

The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

October 11, 2014

It pains me to have to do this but if I don’t it goes against everything I stand for as far as mental health is concerned this year. I promised I’d share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth no mater what the circumstances were so here I am. I have been … {read more}



October 8, 2014

Thank you Speedo Australia & #GetSpeedoFit, because when I arrived back home from the Invictus Games in London this huge package was what was waiting for me at home. I knew it was coming but I certainly didn’t expect all this. 1 x Speedo Team Rucksack Iii 1 x Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag 1 x Speedo Get … {read more}

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

October 6, 2014

Today I’ve decided that I’m taking matters into my own hands and by that I mean my medical, health & fitness wellbeing. Not that I haven’t been doing that, only now it’s going to be on a different level than it has in these past couple of years. There needs to be some changes, some very … {read more}

Winning Isn't Everything

Winning Isn’t Everything

September 29, 2014

Vince Lombardi once said “winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is”. And you know what, he’s right. I come from a childhood background where winning was everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Mum was always proud of us no matter what sport we participated in or what place we came. Dad, on the other hand, was … {read more}

Another Mental Health Relapse

Another Mental Health Relapse

September 26, 2014

I’m currently going through another mental health relapse. A normal part of the process but not much fun none the less. I guess it was to be expected all things considered my returning from the Invictus Games in London. It’s been a combination of things like coming down of the highest of highs, to the … {read more}