Thank you for those of you who have sent me private messages, emailed me and text me. I’m fine.

I’ve been absent from all my social media accounts and will also be temporarily closing down my website down due to it’s redesign. These are all distractions I can’t afford at the moment.

Since returning back home last month in honour of both my parents, coming of all my cancer and mental health pharmaceuticals I’ve had quite the emotional roller coaster ride. But in doing so I’ve found that my natural/organic/holistic/alternative approach to living now requires more of my time and is honestly my highest priority.

I’m working four days a week at the moment and very soon that will be increased up to five days a week. This is my second highest priority especially leading up to my RAAF Medical Review Board in June.

I’ve fallen of this wagon called life time and time again and this year I have to get back on and stay on it for my health, wellbeing and careers sake. Until then, I’m being selfish and focussing 100% on myself. After all, it’s been seven years this year since I started this journey following the deaths of both my parents and then my own cancer diagnosis.

I will be back, when the time’s right. But until then I’ll only be able contactable via email or mobile.

So in the meantime take care of yourselves, be kind, be well and love life.

Lia xxx