My Online Shopping Haul

by Lia Halsall on 31/05/2013 · 0 comments

My Online Shopping HaulWhat woman doesn’t like shopping, right!

As most of you already know, I’m at home resting after six months of breast cancer surgeries and treatment. And just because I’m home doesn’t mean I can’t shop, quite the contrary. SE Qld has finally cooled down so it was the perfect time to add some new warmer clothes for home to my huge walk-in-robe. BONDS has always been a favourite of mine, I especially love their cotton products because they’re always super comfy to wear. They arrived this morning, I quickly unpacked them, tried them on to make sure they fit, then washed and dried them so I could wear them. They already feel like they’re my old ‘favourites’.

Then there were my three pairs of glasses/sunglasses from Ray-Ban. I normally wouldn’t buy this many all at once but I recently had my bi-annual eye test done which required an upgrade of all my prescriptions. My current ones were getting old, especially after my deployment as the sand storms scratched all the lenses. Thankfully though, at work I’m entitled to two pairs of prescription glasses and one pair of prescription sunglasses. They’re conservative in style which is a required dress standard for us but that doesn’t bother me because personally I prefer the classic styles. Plus I also have another pair of sunglasses I bought last year from the Dubai Mall. They don’t have prescriptions in them yet so I’ll be taking them in too. That way I’ll have work glasses/sunglasses and fashion glasses/sunglasses. Who doesn’t like variety.

My Online Shopping Haul

1. BONDS Triblend Hoodie – Black/Dark Grey

2. BONDS Raglan Scoop Tee – White

3. Ray-Ban RB 5187 – Black

4. Ray-Ban RB 5187 – Beige Transparent Brown

5. Ray-Ban RB 4151 – Black

So what have you bought lately in your shopping haul?

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