I Discovered Morning Pages

by Lia Halsall on March 15, 2013 · 8 comments

Discovering Morning PagesCompletely by accident  I discovered morning pages, a term I’d not heard before this week. I had no idea what it even meant until I continued reading down the page where it was further explained to me. You learn something new every day, don’t you.

The concept behind morning pages is where you can write freely anything and everything that’s on your mind first thing in the morning when you get up. This is when your mind is fresh and at its most fruitful.

Or so they say.

There’s also no right or wrong way to do this, so no need to worry about grammar or punctuation, and forget about spelling mistakes. Who cares. I certainly don’t, and this isn’t what it’s about anyway.

We’re the only ones who are going to see it so let your inhibitions run wild and go with the flow of it. Who knows where it’ll take you.

I love the idea. More often than not my head’s full of noisy clutter and this is the perfect way for mr to deal with it.

I can’t think of a better way to start the day, can you. I’m even thinking of ending my day with it as well before going to bed, but we’ll see. Baby steps.

Yesterday I went out and bought a notebook with a pink cover because writing paraphernalia isn’t something we normally have around our home. Nothing fancy, just lined paper to jot down my notes.

Me personally, I’m going to use my pen. And not just any pen either. This is an engraved gifted pen from my now husband. He gave it to me as a going away present when I enlisted into the Royal Australian Air Force in 2000. So yes, I’ve had my pen for a long time and it’s very sentimental to me.

I didn’t kick of this morning so instead I’m going to start now and give it a couple of weeks and see how I go.

So what do you think of morning pages, had you heard of it? Do you do it?

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