This is my tried and tested organic green smoothie recipe, which I know you'll just love.

My love for the green smoothie began way back in 2011. I was reading "The Beauty Detox Solution" when I discovered the glowing green smoothie recipe. This was going to be my first experience with them and to be honest, I wasn't a fan at first. But not being one to give up on anything, especially when I knew it was healthy for me, I persevered. Thankfully I did because I'm now a green smoothie a day kind of girl.

Through lots of trial and error (and I mean lots) I eventually found the right combination of ingredients that were just right for my taste buds. It's my glass of green goodness that leaves me feeling nourished on a cellular level.


Handful of Organic Kale

Handful of Organic Parsley

Handful of Organic Baby Spinach

1 x Organic Apple

Handful of Organic Frozen Mixed Berries

1 ½ Glass Cold Filtered Water

+ 1 Tbsp Food Matters Superfood Greens (for extra green goodness)


Blend all the ingredients together until you reach a smooth consistency, then serve into two glasses. Cheers!

Do you have a favourite green smoothie recipe you'd like to share? Great, then leave it in the comments below so we can all benefit from it.


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