Do you feel wired but tired? Of course you do. The 21st Century has taken global connection to the next level and is so fast paced if we don't make a conscious effort to slow down burning out's inevitable. That's why I NEED TO digitally detox, for my mental and physical health's sake.

If you're anything like me, you sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by all it all and before you know it you're in a flat spin. Sound familiar? Now don't get me wrong, the digital world is an amazing place but with every positive, there has to be a negative and that's what I want to talk about today. 

We're so dependent on all things digital for pretty much everything from email to banking, to GPS to get us from one location to another, to our photo albums, the list goes on. You get where I'm going with this, right. Adding insult to injury, we're also living in a generation of multi-task masters. We want to do it all, and we want it all yesterday. Impatient, much!

What we really need is the exact opposite. We need to disconnect so we can reconnect with ourselves, each other, our communities and generally the entire world around us. Remember living before iPhones, iPads, MacBooks & iMacs. However did we exist? Well, we did, and life was also much simpler. 

For me personally, I wanted to reduce my anxiety, depression, dependency, fatigue, information overload and stress. So I had to find my happy medium between the two worlds where I could co-exist. I like to connect, but I also like to disconnect. So to digitally detox I found the following three things helped me: 

Be Conscious

My iPhone isn't the first thing or the last thing I touch each and every day. But once upon a time it used to be (and occasionally when I slip up). I now make the conscience effort to carry out my morning and evening rituals digital free. It's non-negotiable for my mental and physical health.

Mealtimes are exactly that, mealtimes. They're time for us to sit down and consciously eat a meal in the company of others while being present and giving them our undivided attention. Human connection is where it's at. It's what fills our heart and soul up.

Ask yourself this question for me. When was the last time you sat down at your table to eat a meal without external stimulation from music, tv or electronic devices? I'll leave you with that thought, but you see where I'm going with this, don't you?

Live Simply 

I only have and use what apps are absolutely necessary on all of my devices so I don't get overwhelmed. I also turn off all notifications, so I'm not being constantly being bombarded, disturbed and interrupted. I know to check my emails and messages, I don't need to be constantly reminded by lights and sounds as well. Information overload, be gone! Keep that s#%t simple.

Use Night Shift & f-lux

It's no secret that the artificial light coming from our devices and screens at night disrupts our body's natural melatonin production. To help this issue, I can either reduce my use of an evening or ensure I use 'night shift' on my iPhone and f.lux on my iMac. Both are designed to adjust screen brightness in a way that greatly reduces the stimulating effects of blue light at night by making the colour of our display's adapt to the time of day. Simple!

So what are you going to do to digitally detox your life, or do you already have a plan in place that works? If so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Remember, sharing is caring and a problem shared is a problem halved.

I'll see you all on Wednesday!