We don’t live in a perfect world so why are so many people striving for perfection? It's. Just. Plain. Crazy.


I mean, think about it for a minute. No really, let that s%&t sink in. It doesn’t get any more unrealistic and unhealthy than that. Do You want to know why? Because no matter who you are or what you do you’re never going to achieve that end goal. Why not? Because everything, other than yourself, is out of your control. It’s as simple as that.  

But time and time again we kid ourselves and strive for something that's just never going to happen. Then we get disappointed. The worst part, we have no-one to blame but ourselves, and that’s if you’re self-aware enough to accept responsibility for your actions and these days THAT seldom happens. In fact, in my personal experience, it doesn’t happen enough.

So what are you going to do about it? Quite simply, you need to set yourself achievable and realistic goals. But in doing so, you also have to take into consideration that life does and probably will get in the way at some point or another.


Be prepared for it. Be flexible with whatever curveball life throws at you, and it will, you know it will.


Just adapt and change your goal if/when required. So what if you don’t complete your set goal by the set date. Will you die because of it? No, well then, it’s okay. Carry on.


By being consistent and never giving up on your goals, that's all that matters. Life isn't a race; no one wants to get to the end first. So be patient, take your time and consistently do what needs to be done, day in day out. Eventually, you'll get there, I promise.

These three words are always in the back of my mind when I’m striving towards something in life, no matter what it is. They have to be. They’re what keep me from losing my mind when that thing called life gets in my way.

I'm flexible, I adapt and adjust and try to remain consistent by getting back on track as quickly as possible so that it has the least amount of impact on me. In the big scheme of things, so what if the date changes, so what if the goal changes? As long as I'm taking imperfect action every day, I'm content and satisfied. 

This thing called life is for living, and enjoying. You have to enjoy the process of getting there too. That's the best part!