Who here knows what I mean when I ask do you want to get bendy with me? Be honest. I didn't until I discovered it over on Instagram. The Elle Fit Active website is the creator of Get Bendy.

So what is it? Get Bendy's a whole-body stretching routine that comes in the form of an e-guide and poster which I have here at home, and work. Step-by-step photographs take you through a whole body stretching sequence. Perfect for those of us who spend a majority of our day sitting at our desk at work. Unfortunately, for us that position isn't ideal for our muscular or skeletal systems, hence, the ache and pains we suffer each day.

I have a relatively active background from when I was a child, to a teenager all the way into my adulthood. Here are just some of the things I did to keep active:  

  • Calisthenics 
  • Little Athletics
  • Softball
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Water Speed Skiing
  • Gym
  • Bodybuilding

With age and deterioration, we change, our muscular and skeletal systems change and usually not for the better. It's called the ageing process, and it's inevitable for all of us. So we all agree that if we don't move it, we'll lose it, right. And we certainly aren't getting any younger either. 

So by me taking imperfect action every day and stretching, I'm helping myself to help my body. This, in turn, reduces my need for medical appointments and/or pharmaceuticals. That for me is my end goal, to be as self-sufficiently fit and healthy as I can be.

The poster is up on my dressing room wall where my yoga and meditation mat live. It takes me less than half an hour each evening which isn't much time when you think out the benefits, like mobility and longevity. I also have the e-book in my iPhone, that way I am never without no matter where I am in the world. Pretty handy, huh!

Looking after yourself doesn't have to be costly, or difficult. The simpler, the better I say. Getting Bendy is something that's not only cost-effective but can also be done anywhere anytime you need. At home, the gym, when travelling. Whenever the need arises. And like most things, the more consistent you are, the better the results. I'm working on the consistency side of things, but I'm getting there, and it's all about taking that imperfect action every day, isn't it.

But that's not all, as well as Get Bendy there's also Get Split + Get Inverted. Check them out for yourselves over at ellefitactive.com

That reminds me, I probably should log off and get away from my computer and go and Get Bendy. My body will thank me for it afterwards.

See you all on Wednesday.