It's pretty safe to say that most people know something about goal setting and how to get shit done. But do you, really? 

If you're anything like me and are goal driven, then you'll definitely get something out of today's blog post. A little something extra for those of us who want to get shit done! 

One of the great things about today's society is the plethora of free information available at our fingertips thanks to the internet. Here are some of my favourites.

For me, I like to keep things simple and cut straight to the chase. I'm a straight to the point kind of girl in case you hadn't realised. We, humans, have an innate tendency to want to complicate things when it's not necessary. So I'm going to uncomplicate things for us. How does that sound?

First things first, we need to decide on our goal and get very clear about it. That's where SMART Goal will help. Just following the bouncing ball below.


Then I want you to sit down with a pen + paper and write down the answers to these five steps. Get clear, get crystal clear on your goal/s. Then put it somewhere you'll see every day like your bathroom mirror, or fridge. Remember the age old saying of out of sight out of mind. We don't want that; we want the exact opposite so we can be successful in achieving our goal/s.

But that's not enough, you need additional motivation? Sunny Lenarduzzi from Be Your Own Boss share's her three secrets to "How To Get Shit Done". She'll sort you out no problems.  


Or maybe you prefer this option of Tap with Brad to "Get Your S#!+ Together". I discovered tapping at the start of the year and have been practicing ever since. I'm currently working my way up to daily practices.


So there you have it, folks. A simple way to set goals and get shit done. I hope it helps. 

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I'll see you all next week!