Melissa Ambrosini has been a long time inspiration of mine, both personally and professionally. I first came across her meditations when I HAD chemotherapy for cancer.

You see, I was forced to face my debilitating fear of needles. Not the 'I don't like them' kind of common fear you may be thinking. More the 'I'll have to hurt you before you hurt me' kind of intense fear. 

So I desperately needed to find a way to help me get through the chemotherapy treatments, CT scans and never ending blood tests required. And I did find a way, with Meditations by Melissa. Melissa's perfectly soothing voice in her guided meditations helped me calm down so I could relax in preparation for the inevitable. Enough so it wasn't any more painful or unpleasant than it needed to be. Trauma diverted. Mission success. I could do this!

So much so I now have all of her meditations: 

I listen to them regularly, and as you'll see above and below, there's a meditation to help for just about everything you need.

Until cancer, meditation wasn't something I regularly did. I'd been to a class here and there over the years but didn't do anything regular with what I learned. I also move around a lot with work and stopping and starting classes didn't appeal to me either. Thankfully with my iPhone & iTunes, I could meditate anywhere anytime I needed no matter what my circumstances and that suited me perfectly. 

My goal to meditate daily is still work-in-progress. But I'm getting there. As striving for improvement, not perfection. Because of the many health benefits from meditating, I'll keep trying. 

Until then, I'll continue to use my guided meditations to find my hope in health. 


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