There's been a lot of buzz online lately about essential oils. More and more people are educating themselves about toxins and looking for a more natural solution. That's why I'm here, to help you with how to create a doTERRA Wholesale Account so you can get them delivered to your door.

I've personally been getting a lot of enquiries about how to do this and to be honest; it was a little confusing for me when I first started. doTERRA's a relatively new company in the big scheme of things, and they're doing their very best to keep up with their exponential growth, which includes their website. Change is coming, but for the interim, I'll help you out with some hints, tips and a step-by-step video tutorial. How does that sound?

Before we get started though have you visited my page to find out what are essential oils? If you haven't head over here. It's important we empower ourselves when we're learning something new. Plus, you want to make sure the products and company are the right fit for you and your family.

In case you were wondering I'm also going to share with you why I love doTERRA Essential Oils so much.

1. Natural Product

Essential oils are in my opinion, nature's most precious gifts. Their natural aromatic compounds are found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flower and other parts of plants. Essential oils are extracted during a distillation process so they can be used in different ways. From their aromatic scents to holistic health care, natural beauty, toxic-free living and my latest obsession is during food preparation. 

2. They Work

Give me a natural product that works any day of the week. Being a cancer survivor, I've been administered and taken some of the most toxic drugs there is in Australia. I've also experienced the horrific side-effects from them, and to be honest; it's not worth it. So to find something natural and effective has been nothing short of a blessing and I'm just so grateful to have discovered them. Their true potential is endless.

3. Free Products

Who doesn't love getting free stuff! By placing my monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order to replace what I've either used or add to my oily collection, doTERRA gives me a FREE product of the month (POM), every month. How good is that! I don't know any other company I buy from that offers me anything even remotely close to that.

4. A Heart-Centered Business

These days I'm all about heart-centered businesses that truly care about their product and the people they come in contact with. doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, Humanitarian Partnerships & Co-Impact Sourcing Projects are just some of the reasons why they set themselves apart from others in the industry They're incredibly unique in that respect. That's definitely something I want to be a part of.

5. Business Opportunities

Last but certainly not least is their incredible business opportunity. I fell head over heels in love with their oils, the company, what they believe in and stand for and now their business opportunity which I'm in the very early stages of building. It's a slow and steady pace for me because I also work full-time in the Royal Australian Air Force and study part-time at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (Health Coach).

How It Works

Option 1: Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and choose any oils, blends or products to create your very own custom order for 25% off retail prices. No minimum order required.


Option 2: Purchase an enrollment kit, get an even bigger discount and your membership fee is waived. Purchasing an enrollment kit is the best value for money and how I started with doTERRA.

Wholesale Account Benefits

  • Product Discounts: 25% off retail prices
  • Loyalty Reward Points (LRP): Option to receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for FREE product
  • Shipping Reward Points (SRP): Option to receive the cost of your shipping back in points redeemable for FREE product
  • FREE Product: Place a monthly order over 125 PV (Point Value) and receive your FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Renewal Fee "Covered": After becoming a member, the yearly renewal fee is $25. This renewal comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint, retail value of $25.

How To Get Started

  • Click on this link:
  • Click Join + Save
  • Choose your Language + Country
  • Select Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (to get the same generous discount as we do)
  • Enter your Personal Information
  • Ensure the Enroller ID is 3726565 (that's me!)
  • Select your Enrolment Kit. If you just want to start with a couple of essential oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the product field and it'll appear for you to select. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you're not enrolling with a kit. Purchasing a kit will waives this enrolment fee.
  • Enter your Credit Card and process your order

Once your payment processes, you'll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. This is voluntary and there are no obligations and you'll love the LRP for the FREE product incentives. However, if you're looking at exploring the business opportunity, a monthly order is essential so you can get paid commissions.

If you decide to go ahead and set this up, select a date preferably before the 15th of the month (you'll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more), select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time.

Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you've selected for shipping.

Congrats, you're now a part of Find Hope In Health with Essential Oils.

doTERRA will send you their official email with all the information and instructions you need to get started in your Virtual Office. Following this, you'll also receive an email from us welcoming you to our community. We'll add you to our monthly newsletter list for all the updates as well as inviting you to join our Find Hope In Health with Essential Oils private Facebook Group. This is where you'll find even more community, education + support for your oily journey.

In the meantime, if you have any oily questions, any questions at all feel free to leave us a comment or alternatively you can connect with us here


Photograph by doTERRA